Sarah Kroger’s communion song ‘Take, Eat, Drink’ inspires remembrance in the Church

Sarah Kroger revisits her song Take, Eat, Drink, originally introduced by the worship collective she is a part of, Village Lights. The third single from her upcoming live project is a meditative track led by gentle keyboards and Sarah Kroger’s effortless vocals. ‘Take, Eat, Drink’ was written as a communion song, “The term Eucharist is derived from the Greek word eucharistein, which means “thanksgiving”,” Kroger comments, a theme which shines through the compelling new single.

Released in the midst of Lent, a season of reflection and of journeying into the figurative desert, this song offers an artistic opportunity to take stock of our lives and the ways we may have turned from the Lord. “We are preparing for the celebration of Jesus conquering death at Easter, but resurrection didn’t come without the cross. ‘Take Eat Drink’ is a song of remembrance that invites us to enter into Christ’s passion and turns us towards gratitude for such a wondrous act of complete, unadulterated love,” Kroger adds.

Sarah Kroger’s new release brings a theologically sound and singable communion song to the Church, pointing to reflecting on the love of Jesus.

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