Sarah Kroger releases first fully live album recorded in London

Sarah Kroger releases The London Sessions” an album that marks a “meeting of the streams” moment for the Nashville-based singer-songwriter. This project is a collection of intentionally chosen songs that tell of where Kroger has been musically over the past few years (as a solo artist and as a part of various side projects and collectives).

“The London Sessions” emphasizes Kroger’s diverse creativity and highlights her smooth vocals, which shine through each of the 7 tracks. The new album was recorded just outside of London following Kroger’s first UK tour, marking another milestone in her international appeal. As a Catholic, Kroger is no stranger to the global church (Catholic meaning “universal”) celebrating this as an opportunity to continue leaning into that side of her artistry and who she hopes her music can continue to serve beyond her native border.

The London Sessions is the artist’s first completely live record, which she concluded with ‘What A Wonderful World’, a longtime favourite for Kroger who always includes it in her concert sets, creating an extra layer of the uniqueness and broad appeal of this album.