Sarah Kroger brings powerful new anthem to the Church with ‘No Filter’

Sarah Kroger brings a powerful new anthem to the Church with her latest single, ‘No Filter’. Born from the depths of her faith journey, the song expresses raw emotion and the courage needed to question and seek God. Inspired by the haunting words of Psalm 22 and her personal trials, Kroger penned ‘No Filter’ alongside her friend, Savannah Locke, within thirty minutes. What emerged was a musical expression of unwavering faith warring with crippling doubt.

This track is a lifeline to those wrestling with their faith and a testament that doubt and faith can coexist, leading to a deeper understanding and experience of God’s mysterious ways. It’s an invitation for believers to express greater authenticity in our relationships with God. Sarah’s vulnerability through her music hopes to ignite the need for conversation around faith and doubt within the Church. Kroger’s mission is to assure the listeners that their doubts do not disqualify them from pursuing closeness with God. Her message is clear: Faith is a living journey marked by questions that propel us forward.

‘No Filter’ is a song for brave souls daring to believe amidst the unanswered questions. With ‘No Filter’ Sarah Kroger is reaching out to the silent strugglers, the closet doubters, and anyone who has felt alone in their spiritual battles, offering a melodic embrace that says, “Your journey is valid, and your questions do not make you less of a believer.”

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