Sandra ‘Honey-Voice’ Godley: Leading the Diamond Revolution

Sandra Godley is the hardest working artist in British Gospel music. Three albums under her belt and she continues relentlessly to dig for that diamond.

Godley is involved in TV, Radio, artist promotion as well as her own journey as a respected artist in the Midlands. The area of Britain that was home to the Industrial revolution is incubator to Soul legends such as Ruby Turner and Beverley Knight, who both emerged out of Gospel environments.

In 2013 Sandra Godley’s MOBO nomination triggered a local inspirational effect that as resulted in a revolutionary-like seismic shift towards the mainstream spotlight. This year alone has seen Birmingham produce the BBC Gospel Choir of the year, MOBO nomination of an exciting girl-group called Chos3n and a visit from King Kirk Franklin.

Sandra’s mile long CV includes performing at the House of Commons and rubbing shoulders with big names in the mainstream music industry. The number of views on Youtube and a pre-match performance at Coventry City football club is evidence that she can bring big digits. Surely the big dawgs such as Sony, Integrity and Atlantic are watching.

All the signs so far indicate that her mining activities will soon lead to the discovery of a precious stone. She is working on her next album entitled, you’ve guessed, ‘Diamonds’.

Keep an eye on this trail blazer and her website as the revolution will not be televised.

Steve Alexander Smith
Author, Freelance Writer and British Gospel Music Consultant.

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