Sam Rivera encourages listening for God’s heart in silence

As the first blush of the new year fades and reality reclaims its grip, the urge to fill the silence can be deafening. But what if the second week held an invitation to listen instead? Not to the clamour of to-do lists or the echoes of doubt, but to the whispers of grace woven into the tapestry of ordinary days. Close your eyes to the screens, step outside, and breathe in the familiar air. Listen to the rhythm of your own footsteps, the sigh of the wind through leaves, the symphony of life humming beneath the surface.

In this quietude, God’s voice might not be a booming pronouncement, but a nudge towards kindness, a flicker of courage in a hesitant heart. Open your ears, soften your defenses, and listen. The second week of the new year might just surprise you with a divine whisper, guiding you on a path you didn’t know you needed.

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