Sam Opeche shares thoughts on his latest single ‘Praise The Lord’ & more

Following his latest song release ‘Praise The Lord‘, which has been gathering accolades and momentum, Sam Opeche has shared his plans, thoughts and inspirations exclusively with aStepFWD. Check out the interview below with this talent worshipper:

Now that your single is out, what are some of your other plans for 2021? 

The plan now is to commence touring and I have a number of churches lined up, but a lot of it will depend on what lockdown situations look like after the PM addresses the nation on Monday. I am also working with a number of radio stations across several nations to spread the reach of the song.

What has the response been like around your single release? 

The song has really been well received and people have said some very wonderful things about it, which is very encouraging for me and this is why I’m working to push it further than the UK. The YouTube premiere was a huge success because it helped to generate some positive activity around the song, which I would otherwise not have had.

You shared with us that your son has in a way confirmed that ‘Praise The Lord’ is a special song. How does your family affect/support your artistic expression?

 Yes, that’s true. Aside from my music ministry, I’m a practicing marriage counsellor and I have written books along this line. I said that to say that family for me is central to everything that I do. Just yesterday, my 9-year-old daughter was telling her tutor about her dad’s latest single and asked her tutor to follow me on Instagram so that they can enjoy the daily “What’s your worship song for today” that I’ve been doing. After her lesson last night, she came to me and asked for details of my Instagram handle and sent it on Whatsapp to her tutor asking her to follow me. This is because before I started doing the daily videos on Instagram, I informed my family and got their views about it.  

Who are some of the current artists that you draw inspiration from?

Hardly a day goes by without my listening or singing songs by Chris McClarney – I just love the simplicity and heart with which he writes. Then there’s Cory Asbury, Zach Williams, Michael W. Smith, Nathaniel Bassey, William Murphy and of course, Bethel Music.

What are 2 quick tips you’d pass on to any singer/worshiper?

Firstly, it is important to find your voice: learn from others only so that you grow your uniqueness. Secondly, be intentional about your work and don’t leave anything to chance but push towards the realisation of your objectives. That would aid you to not be underhanded with regards to excellence.

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