Sam Daniel’s big single ‘Who is Like You?’ is now available!

Sam Daniel

Sam Daniel, formally known as Da Sargeant’ recently released his latest track – ‘Who is like You? (None Can Compare)’.

Sam Daniel’s latest single ‘Who is Like You’ is not only his last single being called ‘Da Sargeant’, but it’s also a great example of why he is directing his music more towards a worship focus. The upbeat single is an amazing blend of pop and dance and is a sample of what is to come in his next project. His upcoming project ‘Love & Grace’ will feature between 5-7 songs, with a multitude of genres – Rap/Hip Hop, Acoustic, Contemporary Christian, Afro-beat, Carnatic music and more!

‘The song was written and composed by Ruth Soundarajah and Sam Daniel; birthed on a night where they both continued the writing process of another song during which Sam had got a little bored and started to jam with some different chords. Ruth Soundarajah had then come up with some anthem styled lyrics to what Sam was playing. Little did they both know that this chorus would end up being the next single under Da Sargeant!’ 

You can watch the video below, and buy the single HERE!

Josh de Thierry