Sabrina Mitchell delivers song of rapturous exaltation in new ‘We Cry’ single

Recently, Sabrina Mitchell released her latest single ‘We Cry’ after a three-year break. ‘We Cry’ is a powerful song of worship encased inside a beautifully arranged and performed recording. Sabrina is a worship leader, songwriter, and musician based in London for over ten years. Growing up in the church as a Pastor’s daughter, her musical gifts quickly developed. She has learnt to combine her musicality with her passion to see lives turned to God and this is what fuels this new song. Her desire is for it to impact and bless the lives of the people who hear it or sing it within their own church or homes. 

‘We Cry’ starts by inviting God to occupy the place of praise with willing hearts, “come have your way, we wait for you”. A song of thankfulness for the “sin and shame” that he removed from our identity. But beyond that, the heart of this song is more than just looking at what God can do, but looks at who God is, the chorus sings “We cry oh, what a wonder you are… holy you are.”

Similar to the words of heavenly beings as they declare the holiness of God: “The heavens declare your glory, mountains move when you speak. No higher name, Jesus.” Such powerful statements of truth in this song. Being first and foremost an instrumentalist, Sabrina intended for this song to incorporate strong musical and instrumental aspects within the recording. From soft and gentle piano and pads, acoustic guitar, and percussion, to an energetic and melodic lead guitar solo. This song will take you on a journey, full of praise and declaration of God’s glory and majesty through its beautiful words of veneration and instrumental worship. A powerful song of thankfulness and rapturous exaltation. 

Sabrina continues to write with her husband and collaborate with other worship leaders for exciting future projects.

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