S.O. – I CAN BEAR [Music Video]


New video release for the track I Can Bear from S.O.‘s 14 track So It Continues album. The video for this seems to have caught many people off-guard as expectations were varied.

Aybee Omari posted this comment on YouTube and we liked the sound of it so in his words,
“Really creative…Nice work S.O, I would have expected an ‘EMO’ video for this, but you switched things up. How many of us find workouts ‘bearable’? That’s the point! In relation to the song, I think the point of the Video is that God doesn’t give us more than we can bear…Workout trainers usually overwork and strain us, but S.O’s seeming playfulness and joy in the video tells that although our circumstances in life may overwork and strain us, we can always find our Joy in Christ.”

S.O. has incredible wordplay and a serious message in all his tracks. I Can Bear seems to have beat sample throwbacks to the Kirk Franklin and God’s Property track of the same title and is definitely one of my favorites from the album. Get the full So It Continues album. Well worth it!


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