Rob Westall releases a song from the heart of heaven for Valentine’s Day

Welsh Christian recording artist Rob Westall’s new single ‘Never let me go’ featuring Bean Baker, is to be released on Valentine’s Day (Sunday 14th February 2021) on all digital platforms. Co-written with Rob’s guitarist and friend Steve Quantick, ‘Never let me go’ is a high tempo, upbeat, rocking worship anthem, which focuses on heaven’s heartbeat for us. 

It is the first single to be released from Rob Westall’s new album, out later this year, which features guest artists, worship groups, choirs and 1,000 voices from all over the world.

Rob says, “We are faced with so much noise and rubbish so it’s nice to provide a song that churches and people can use to let loose and shout from the rooftops about how much God loves us and to celebrate how He views us. I hope it unlocks something for people in learning to accept and receive His love.

Declaring truth about how God views us is an important part of worship and exercising faith, especially when we don’t feel like it or whilst experiencing difficulties. That’s why I think this song is so powerful, declaring we are God’s and He is ours. Our identity can be wrapped in so many different things, but ultimately it’s all about whether we are God’s children or not. 

That peace, that hope, that assurance and security in knowing how He views you and desires and loves you, really does cast out fear, building faith and giving us good reason to celebrate.” 

Steve says, “Never let me go is about God’s amazing love that is always with us no matter what we go through. It’s a real upbeat anthem of the sure hope that we have in God, who never lets us go. It’s got some banging guitars, it’s got a ‘rocking explosion of joy’ guitar solo and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

It’s a really special song for me, partly because of the joy and energy it exudes. It’s a sort of summer road trip song – when you’ve just met someone and fallen in love and you’re driving down the motorway with windows down, blasting it out! 

I think that really explores something for me about the absolute complete joy of this adventure with God, this love relationship with God that we’re in. A love that will never let us go. We can’t do anything that will stop God from loving us and He’s with us the whole time and that kind of love is worth celebrating in an energetic and joyful way.  

I think there will be thousands of songs written, and rightly so, about how difficult and painful lockdown has been, but I think ‘Never Let Me Go’ fulfils a vital niche, that in spite of everything that we see going on around us, God is still God and He will get us through it and will never let us go.”  

Never let me go’ will be available from all digital streaming sites from Sunday 14th February and is available to download and keep forever via Rob Westall’s website

Lyric motion backgrounds, chord charts and multi-tracks for churches, worship teams and bands are available on request from Rob’s website.