RJay drops his latest vibey EP “Somebody Cares”

RJay is a Rapper, Singer and Producer from South London who has released his latest EP “Somebody Cares”. Having gained a vast range of experiences and teachings throughout his life, he creates art that communicates these experiences in a unique manner. RJay aims to portray the reality of an unpredictable yet beautiful world, which presents a myriad of challenges for everyone in it, but in doing so, seeking to offer hope in all situations through the faith by which his outlook is moulded.

His most recent project “No Rush” explores the complexities of relational and social experiences in his life, and the effect they have had on him and his ever-developing understanding of the world around him. RJay has also collaborated with talented artists such as davecreates, BRLY., Michael Personne, T.S.K and Riodan. He hopes to make more music that can resonate with listeners and help people through tough times in life.

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