Rikki Doolan known as ‘The Rock Pastor’ releases ‘All About You’ single

‘All About You’ is the latest single from Christian artist and worship leader Rikki Doolan and is a song focused on the importance of Christ and the need for Him in the world right now. ‘All About You’ releases on Good Friday of the Easter weekend and delivers a powerful vocal performance that belts the glory of Jesus out with deep and meaningful lyrics.

Doolan said “Jesus is truly the center of all of existence. All that is good, is Jesus. He’s the beginning and the end. I’m these perilous times it’s key to express the importance of Christ in the world, in peoples every day lives, and that’s part of the conversation of this song between myself and Christ.”

“In the lyrics, it’s a conversation with Jesus and us a representation of His followers. It’s worship yes, but also a cry out to the Lord that He is needed now more than ever! It’s perfectly fitting that it releases on Good Friday, as it truly is all about Him,” he added.

Rikki Doolan fondly known as ‘The Rock Pastor’ has had a busy year to date so far. He has a released several singles with videos and appeared on TV and radio on platforms as far-reaching as BBC, Talk TV, and TBN to name a few.

The song and music video is available on all platforms from the 29th of March and is taken from Doolan’s second studio album entitled “YOU”. Connect with him on Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | X 

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