Rikki Doolan and Jonathan Traylor kick off Where in the World 2023?

Where in the World? is the exciting weekly live series from A Step FWD which interviews individuals in the global music scene to “bring the world a little closer home”. Conversations touch on each guest’s culture and include facts about food, local sights and the faith behind their art.

In this week’s episode, we were hosted as usual by Carla Adebekun and had the pleasure of meeting two artists, one from closer to home and another from “across the pond”. Gospel Artist and Pastor Rikki Doolan (United Kingdom who just got back from Zimbabwe and Motown Gospel and Capitol CMG artist Jonathan Traylor (North Carolina, USA) joined the roundtable making for an impactful conversation to kick-start the new year for WITW.

Watch the episode below to hear more of a conversation where two phenomenal ministers of the gospel share their unique testimonies and their purpose behind why they do what they do.

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