Rikki Doolan aka ‘The Rock Pastor’ launches new album entitled “YOU”

Rikki Doolan fondly known as ‘The Rock Pastor’ has had what you can call a welcome busy year to date so far. He has a released a number of singles with videos, appeared on tv and radio on platforms as far reaching as BBC, Talk TV, TBN et al and is now rounding it all up with what is his second studio album, entitled “YOU”.

The Rock Pastor is well known for his unique and outstanding story of coming from a life of homelessness and substance abuse to a life of joy and success. His story details how as a homeless street musician he entered into a church to get out of the rain and subsequently asked a God he didn’t believe in for help if He was real. The answer Doolan got was emphatic and now he is a family man, a Gospel Rock n Roll artist that travels the world sharing his music and story.

Now known as ‘The Rock Pastor’, Doolan’s story really is like a modern day folk story of transformation and hope, he also sings about it in some of his music on the album in songs such as ‘You Turned It Around’ and ‘You Are Good’.

The album moves from high tempo rock n roll to more slow and anthemic numbers, but it certainly takes the listener on a journey of exploration of Doolan’s impactful music and message.

The Rock Pastor had this to say “My life has been transformed from the inside to the out and a key part of that journey came through the impact of old time Gospel music on my life. When I discovered original Gospel artists such as Mahalia Jackson and Sister Rosetta Tharpe things began to happen in the depths of my soul that set me on to a path of positive transformation. Now my whole ambition is to share some of that light to other people around the world, just as Sisters Mahalia and Rosetta did to me.”

He launched it with a special concert in central London to an energised crowd near London Bridge. It was reported that even though it was a ticketed event people were invited to enter for free from surrounding pubs and streets because Doolan wanted to give them a chance to be touched by his music.

Doolan said “People are so special, they are effected and influenced by so man negative forces in the world, I am determined through music to bring a positive vibe and some much needed uplift to people whom I connect with, that’s why my guys went out into the streets and brought people in to experience our music.”

The album is available primarily from Doolan’s website www.rikkidoolan.com but also on all streaming platforms.