Richie Righteous – NO MISTAKE [Music Video]

Born in Guyana, South America, raised in Queens, New York, Richie Righteous continues to  write lyrics about politics, the church, the streets, the youth, family, and the various issues that are of concern today.

He sees himself as a missionary, an evangelist and a preacher with the entire world as his  mission field. Richie Righteous aka R.I.C.H. is an award winning artist who has already toured over 70 cities and many countries and is also the pastor of the church, Jamaica Assembly of God in Jamaica, Queens.

His lyrics are intensely candid, sharing from his many experiences and breaking down the gospel using the medium of hip hop to minister to both Christians and people all over the world.

We salute R.I.C.H. as even though his passion for hip-hop is undeniable his fervour for God and sharing the gospel seems to be far more important allowing his ministry to grow and flourish beyond his rapping skills. Follow him here

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