REVIEW: Huge gathering in person & online for powerful time of prayer at The Cry

Despite rail strikes and persistent rain, thousands gathered at Wembley Ovo Arena on Saturday 7th January to attend The Cry, a powerful call to action prayer meeting for global revival hosted by Reverend Dr Betty King. Around six thousand were in attendance representing 32 nations, with millions joining the online live stream.

The event sought to unify Christians across denominations, ethnicities, cultures and generations. Speakers included Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Pastor Agu Irukwu (Jesus House), Rev Gavin Calver, Apostle Paul Manwaring and Tiffany Buhler (David’s Tent). Worship also played a strong part featuring Noel Robinson, Emmanuel Smith and Tab Worship. There was a call for graciousness in accepting perceived differences while maintaining focus on the shared foundation in Christ. The importance of
having a clear identity as individuals and ministries was emphasised, removing barriers to unity that come from comparison.

The Cry offered powerful prayers, worship and speakers that in turn challenged and encouraged those in attendance to look to Jesus for answers instead of looking to others. To do some frank self-examination to remove any spots or wrinkles as believers. Individuals were encouraged to stand up to take part in intercessory prayers for their nation as well as pray into the many personal challenges that can hold people back from fearlessly sharing their faith.

In addition, Rev Betty King honoured the ground-breaking worship ministry of Noel Robinson and Donna Akodu that has opened doors for many others by presenting them with a carved gift from Sudan and trip to Spain respectively. She also spoke of the importance of those with musical gifting in the body being given the freedom to express what the Lord puts on their heart rather than being tied to the style expected of them by their ministry. Especially an important consideration that will pave the way for younger generations to engage fully with worship.

A minister boldly shared his testimony of being set free from addiction to pornography as a young man by attending a service where Rev Betty King prayed for those present with this issue. He subsequently got married and started a family becoming a minister himself. An audience member walked back into the arena as this testimony was playing on screen. Once he realised the topic he candidly exclaimed “This is exactly what I need! What did he do? Where can I get that?” To hear someone openly admit to a stranger such a prevalent but often secret struggle and the willingness to humbly seek help from God to overcome it, was clear evidence of how powerfully Holy Spirit was moving.

For many in attendance, The Cry held at Wembley clearly became a permanently life-changing event. A series of “The Cry” gatherings are planned across the UK and internationally over the next year so make sure you don’t miss out when one comes near you. The events are also available on live stream accessible anywhere.