REVERE introduces new single featuring Becca Folkes & Carrington Gaines

REVERE releases ‘Holy Hallelujah’ a new song from their upcoming album, led by UK artist Becca Folkes and US-based worship leader Carrington Gaines. This song was born in the shared life experience of a team of songwriters from two different countries (Brazil and the United States) – different hemispheres, different languages, different cultures – with one unanimous resolve to worship the Lord. Folkes and Gaines bring a level of raw honesty and passion to this song that points only to the glory of God.

When the time comes to recount the trustworthy works of God, this song launches us into that process with a gut punch. Holy Hallelujah carries the sacred DNA of the REVERE movement, that of sharing the sovereignty of Christ and our worshipful response to Him.

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