Respecting Yourself Is Respecting God [Part 1]

Solomons temple

One of the things the Bible tells you to do is honour God with your body. But what does that mean? And what the heck has it got to do with temples? OK, time for a quick history lesson.

The temple was a place where people went to meet with, and worship God. It was a place of respect, and pretty ornate too; which is a posh way of saying it was nice to look at! God made you to be like that, He calls your body ‘a temple’, how awesome is that?!

God wants to live in you, and He wants you to ‘live out’ Him, so that when people look at your life, they see Him. It says in the Bible that you’re made in the image of God, so that basically means there’s a bit of God in you. If you think about it, treating your body like a temple kind of makes sense. It’s basically all about not abusing your body but instead, using it to glorify God.

So how should that affect the way you treat yourself? Well, have a think about what you’d do if Jesus came to stay and you were in charge of His wellbeing. I’m guessing you’d make sure He ate well, got sleep, exercised and kept generally fit and healthy, wouldn’t you? Well He is in you to stay (if you let Him), and you’re made in the image of God. Why should you treat yourself any differently? Remember respecting yourself is respecting God.

God bought you with a high price. So…honour God with your body. 1 CORINTHIANS 6:20

pastor ray
Pastor Ray

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