Reintroducing… Tope Bello – MORE GRACE [Music Video]


Tope Bello is an upcoming gospel rapper with the desire to present her faith and life through music and in her own words “give you Christ with no gimmicks”.

With a passion for seeing the lives of young people changed, she uses rap and simple song melodies to deliver the Christian message. Music is a powerful tool which she desires to utilise for the glory of God. Beyond the music, she aims to inspire the younger generation of women to not only understand their identity in Christ, but also develop confidence to reach their goals in life.

By the fruits we shall know and from listening and watching Tope Bello in her videos we acknowledge her as one of the realest young female artists we have seen so far. Her fervor for the message before the music, ministry above fame and more grace rather than human acclaim, is one to be emulated.

This is the first of a two-part focus on Tope Bello as Step FWD add our support to a brilliant emerging talent in the UK Christian music scene. In the meantime follow her on TWITTER for more updates.