Reintroducing… South Ldn rapper Mr Ekow with 2nd EP ‘Ekow Chamber’

After a brief hiatus and a name change (FKA Picasso), Mr Ekow is back. Born and based in South London, Mr Ekow has been rapping since ’08 and producing since 2010. On the 29th of July Mr Ekow will be releasing his second EP ‘Ekow Chamber’ and A Step FWD were lucky enough to listen to this project prior to release.

We can safely say that this EP is something you’re going to want to pick up. Throughout the EP you can hear Mr Ekow’s lyrical talent and his abilities to craft a flow that causes you to feel what he spits over the electronic beats, which are somewhat influenced by the L.A. beat scene.

This particular fusion of genre’s isn’t seen so much in the UK and I think this is one of the ways that makes Mr Ekow’s EP so unique and exciting. Throughout this EP, Mr Ekow invites you to “take a step into his colourful mind – a place of both wild imagination and everyday realities, and listen in as he effortlessly flows over the electronic infused hip hop beats.”

The EP features artists Titi the Writer, Chris Miller, D.Mac & J.I. along with producers Dobsy, Prospect and ChromadaData, however the EP was impressively produced mostly by Mr Ekow himself.

Click the image below and listen to the first single off ‘Ekow Chamber’.

mr ekow

Josh de Thierry

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