Rediscover Chris Bowater’s “Time for Tears” digitally remastered after 30 years

Many consider British born Christian songwriter and worship leader, Chris Bowater, to be a father of the modern worship movement. Coming to prominence in the charismatic renewal of the late ‘70’s and early 1980s, his songs include ‘Reign in Me’, ‘Here I am Wholly Available’, ‘Jesus Shall Take The Highest Honour’, ‘Holy Spirit We Welcome You’, ‘Lamb of God’ and ‘Faithful God’. His songs have been translated into many languages and used in churches all over the world. He has regularly led worship at major events including Spring Harvest, Faith Bible Week, AOG Conference and Grapevine Celebrations. His ministry has impacted many nations. He has trained and mentored generations of worship leaders.

In 1991 Chris released Time for Tears, here is what Cross Rhythms Ian Hayter said at the time, “The worship songs of Chris Bowater are always beautifully crafted and lack some of the predictability of Graham Kendrick’s oeuvre. This selection is also very well arranged, with the usual excellent contributions from Dave Fitzgerald, Raul D’Oliveira and Les Moir (among others). The vocalists – including the wonderful Nanette Welmans – bring their own special abilities to the songs and there is a real atmosphere of worship which pervades the album, helped along by the segued groups of songs. After the initial ‘Here We Are’, a Dallas Holm song, all the offerings here are Chris’s own, and all the favourites are included -‘Reign In Me’. ‘Holy Spirit We Welcome You’; ‘Here I Am’, ‘God Of Grace’ and so on. What is so good on these albums though, is the opportunity of hearing the writer’s songs as he arranged them himself and with first-class musicians performing them.”

Les Moir, A&R and Bass Player, says, “The Time for tears album by Chris Bowater was a memorable moment in time. As the record producer, I clearly remember working through the beautiful arrangements with Chris & Steve Thompson and especially the weaving of the songs into a worshipful flow. I believe Time for Tears reflects Chris’ tender & fatherly heart of worship and have heard that many people have been touched by the Spirit of God while listening to the album.”

He continued, “To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Time for Tears I was honoured to carefully remaster this classic album with audio specialist Neil Costello.”

The new master sounds even clearer without losing the beauty of the original recording. A true treasure. 

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