Reblah releases video for ‘Need More Grace’ ft. R-Scar (produced by TBabz)

Released earlier this year by Reblah the song Need More Grace is a phenomenal global Gospel collaboration from London to Africa and the music video brings a lot more life and attention to the record getting attention of over 35K viewers in less than 24 hours on a social media post. The songs talks about what life is like being a sold out Christian in what the Bible refers to being salt and light of this earth! 

Need More Grace is predominately a blend of Rap and Afro Soul and the message is all about God’s love, compassion and unmerited favour toward humanity. It’s all about his grace and overlooking the mistakes we may make in life past, present and future. The song was produced by TBabz from Lagos Nigeria and engineered by R-Scar who is also singing on the chorus.

They told us, “The creativity process came quite natural to us, and it flowed making the single something special, timeless and will hold valuable weight within the CHH, Gospel scene!” 

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