Rebekah Vyce To Release New Album ‘Breath & Dust’

Rebekah Vyce

Rebekah Vyce is set to release her incredible new album on the 9th Of October, but you can listen to her latest single & find out more here!

Rebekah is an experienced vocalist with a voice blending subtle tones of soul, folk & gospel. She is a songwriter of beautiful melodies that will stay in your head for days with lyrics that are honest, full of stories, hope and integrity and are bound to captivate you. With piano based arrangements, lush harmonies, real instruments, and simple but beautiful arrangements, this music is a brilliant gem in a crowded music industry.

Music is and has always been Rebekah’s love. Coming from a family of creatives, Rebekah has always had a strong desire to create and express herself through her music. She hopes that as she writes songs that express joy and process life in all its ups and downs, that her listeners will be impacted too.

In 2012, with the help of a crowd funding campaign, Rebekah released her Debut EP ‘Small Beginnings’ with great success and now 2015 brings her first full Album ‘Breath and Dust’. This album will be released on 9th October 2015 and can be found on iTunes and all other popular online stores.

Rebekah told aStepFWD – “The songs on this record are about me, but I believe that they are also about you. They are about my revelation moments. Moments of hope, moments of struggle, moments of discovery, moments of surrender and moments of both joy and sorrow. These are moments I believe we all experience.”

“Breath & Dust’ is about embracing who we are in all moments of life and realising that actually our mere ‘Breath and Dust’ is capable of mighty things. It’s a revelation that has allowed me to become more vulnerable, honest, joyful and free than ever before. I hope you find a bit of that too when you hear it.”

You can pre-order her Album HERE and you can watch the lyric video for the title track below!


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