Rebekah Vyce releases ‘No Running From Me’ off Breath & Dust album

Track 10 from the ‘Breath & Dust’ Album is a beautiful song ‘No Running From Me’ written and composed by singer, songwriter, musician Rebekah Vyce. She had this to say, “This song is my favourite on the album. It’s personal, honest, raw and vulnerable.”

Rebekah continued, “The Breath & Dust album and this song especially have been written out of a time when I have realised my frailty, faced myself and all my imperfections, and lots of those times I have really struggled. Struggled with really not liking myself, being overwhelmed by the huge amount that seems to need to change or be fixed within myself. But in this time I have also started the journey of coming to terms with that, with who I am, learning to embrace me, be kinder to myself, not be so critical – I can’t run from me, this is who I am ‘imperfections’ and all.”

Her favourite lyrics from the song is,

‘Yes there’s work to do, to change and refine. But perfection isn’t freedom – it’s fear in disguise.’

She went on to add, “I don’t want to live my life fearing myself, being constantly disappointed with myself, or striving for some idea of perfection that is just not real or healthy. I want to live my life being kind to myself, accepting others help, not always trying everything in just my own strength, re-defining what culture says is ‘perfect’. The less critical I am of myself, the less critical I am of other people too – I want to live like that.”

Click link to purchase the ‘Breath & Dust’ album now and as Rebekah reminds us, be kind to yourself.

O’Neil Dennis