Reading University first gospel concert – The Awakening – 20 | 3 |14

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Live band. Song ministrations. Drama. Spoken Word. The Word. Thursday 20th March 2014 in Reading University Students Union, 3sixty is where it’s all unfolding. Step FWD will be travelling down to provide some media coverage so come support!

Many times, we as individuals like to remain within our comfort zone. But if one is to be relevant to their generation there is a need to break out of the norm, stand up and make a difference. So when a senior pastor announced “I want you all to hold a concert as a way of reaching out”, some young people decided to run with the vision.

To their knowledge no gospel concert had been held either in their tenure or the previous one so what better way to indeed “reach out” to the students on their campus with the love of Jesus Christ than to organize one. An event that would captivate the imagination and youthful exuberance through music, drama and much more. A gathering that would also hone in on the message that there exists a living Saviour who’s heart yearns to reach out to those on campus with His love and awaken the young people to the glorious destinies they can have in Him. Well the wait is almost over as with many weeks of prayer, planning and preparation ‘The Awakening’ is about to begin.

Event organizer, Nosa has this to say, “Our desire as Reading University Bible Study (RUBS) is to reach our campus peers with the love of Jesus Christ and the message of His redemptive work stemmed from The Cross. On a university campus where the boundaries of morality are stretched and many young people are exposed to such ungodliness, we desire to be God’s remnant crying aloud in the wilderness with the voice of truth. Our desire also is to use this event as a springboard to informing people of Reading University Bible Study, encourage those who attend to also attend weekly Bible study sessions and subsequently equip them with the truth of the Word of God.

They are indeed trusting God for a mighty outpouring of His Spirit upon the multitudes that attend and are believing for the salvation of souls and the awakening of destinies. All may sound very ambitious to the skeptic but they refuse to limit God, instead, trust Him to do the impossible in their midst. Please join them in prayer as they “reach out” to those on Reading University campus with the love of The Lord.

Live band | Song ministrations | Drama | Spoken Word | The Word
Reading University Students Union, 3sixty
Thursday 20th March 2014

“Where faith takes hold, impossibilities yield.” Smith Wigglesworth.