Rapper with a heart for upcoming talent – Evanjo – with new visuals ‘Mad Up’

‘Mad Up’ is the latest in a consistent number of releases from London rapper Evanjo. With collaborations aplenty in store and a heart for encouraging and supporting other artists, this young talent is on a mission to edify and to evangelise.

Evanjo pours his heart into his music and just one listen, especially to the recent ‘Mad Up’ will give you much insight into the highs and lows, the concerns and the celebrations, the whirlpool of thoughts from which music is one of his main releases.

In a very frank and honest conversation earlier on today, the rapper shared his concerns for the UK music scene and the many challenges still facing its growth and development. Remaining positive nonetheless, he was quick to identify solutions and to say what he was doing to help a generation rise to the calling, here and now.

More specifically about the song Evanjo had this to say, “Mad Up is letting the people know what my heart is focused on, this is saving souls and I’m just trying to be transparent with the things that we face as Christians etc.”

Evanjo, we salute you. Stay strong!

O’Neil Dennis