Rapper Jahaziel talks with Vinejuice Ladies and sparks new discussion

With more questions than answers the discussion continues around Jahaziel renouncing the Christian faith he was an active part of for almost 2 decades. In a recent 2-part interview the multi-awarded UK rapper talks to Lavinia & Adaeze of UK media Vinejuice about the developments that led to his new stance and responds to critics.

As one of our favourite Jahaziel tracks ‘They Don’t Know’ tracks plays in the background, I paused to reflect on how big an issue the discussion is for many, especially young Christians like myself and the apparent lack of any substantive response from more learned figures either here or abroad, except Dr. James White (see below) and attempts by US broadcaster Lavoisier.

Is ‘the Church’ remaining silent out of indifference, respect or apathy, waiting for the issue to blow over?

Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that even after presentation of the most astounding facts and figures, it is still the decision of the hearer to accept or reject. Such is the power of free will. Are we waiting for the next high profile or ‘celebrity’ individual to renounce the faith before anyone steps forward to properly expound the issues that can be so fundamental to better understanding our beliefs?

Neither are we lost on that fact that the Jahaziel mindset is representative and therefore love him as we do, the much needed debate needs to be had around the issues rather than the person, central to the story as he may be at this point in time.

It was great to see our media colleagues tease out some important issues in this interview and we can only hope that it inspires many to start having more ‘real talk’ on the issues, while we hope and pray for Jahaziel and ourselves.

I put it to you that there is a reason these issues aren’t going away and this may be that many still need to be taught hard truths and exposed to tough discussions.

Check out part two of the Vinejuice interview below and a previous response by Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries to Jahaziel’s renouncement.

Ex-Christian Rapper Jahaziel Talks Leaving Christianity (PT 2)

James White’s Reaction To Christian Rapper Jahaziel Renouncing Christianity

O’Neil Dennis

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