Rapper Baliva inspires the children of Haringey to be good citizens

UK rapper Baliva’s latest song Good Citizen was written as part of a project to inspire young people to be involved in their local communities by loving their neighbours. The song was commissioned by Hope in Tottenham, a charity that has been established to serve the needs of children and young adults in the London Borough of Haringey.

“Our communities have become very sceptical of authority and suspicious of strangers, this is largely driven by fear. This fear is past down to our children but love is greater than fear, so I wrote this song to inspire the kids to think the best of society no matter what negativity they experience”, Baliva commented.

Good Citizen‘s debut performance was a hit with the local school kids who took the song as their own and added in harmonies.

Baliva aims to release the song for free on March 25th through his website so other schools and communities can have access to it. For those who prefer to stream or buy the single, it will also be made available in all digital stores on the same day. In the meantime you can watch the lyric video for Good Citizen above.

You can follow Baliva on Twitter | Facebook and keep updated with his monthly music releases.


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