Ram1 sits down with aStepFWD to talk industry, charts and more!


A little while back, Ram1 talked with aStepFWD about where he thinks the music industry is at in the UK and why he feels that the aStepFWD UK Top 10 Christian Chart is so necessary!

Ram1 is an incredible reggae artist who has performed all across the world, is a MOBO Awards nominee and has featured on multiple projects including the Mountains and Valleys EP by Lovd Ones. During the interview, he spoke on the Christian music industry, charts and more!

Ram1 told aStepFWD that in comparison to the industry in the USA we in the UK are “quite behind in regards to its stability and consistency” as Ram1 feels that there are certain times when we see a good, effective promotion and a nice movement but it “runs out of steam”. In general he feels we are behind in terms of PR established labels and marketing and that the UK doesn’t have as much of an established Christian music scene as we can see in the USA for example.

Ram1 then went on to reveal how for the Christian artist it’s a ‘hustle’ to push their music and make sure that as many people as possible can hear. As an incredible and knowledgable artist himself, Ram1 understands this first hand, and he later went on to explain the value of the aStepFWD UK Top 10 Christian Charts, as in Ram1’s words it “sees the issue and the hole in the industry and brings a resolve and develops the industry” and it is something that Ram1 is involved in as a judge.

Throughout the interview Ram1 provides insight into the industry from an experienced view point and its definitely worth a watch!

You can watch the interview clip below!

Josh de Thierry