Purchase ‘Keep Fighting’ and be part of The Mighty Men Experience!

In what was an inspired call to unity and an encouragement to keep fighting, some of the biggest names in UK Gospel came together to form an all male choir to inspire the nation.

Not only is the ‘Keep Fighting’ single incredible sonically, but the message conveyed in the song makes it even more powerful. The call and encouragement to keep fighting amidst the tribulations in this life is a universal message and one that is always needed in this world.

From Leké to Tony Momrelle; from Zalon to Noel Robinson to Dave Copeland, the Mighty Men Experience has been a remarkable and historic initiative, bringing together so many different male artists from across the UK, all in support a worthy and well needed charity, Gangsline!

The LIVE Video Recording above was filmed & edited by aStepFWD. Support the cause by buying the single HERE!

Josh de Thierry