Promoting what you do for little or no cost

If you are in business, run a social enterprise, faith group or charity, or have a message you want to share, these days there’s no excuse to not devise and implement a PR strategy to promote what you do. Why? Because there are numerous PR activities you can undertake for little or no cost to raise awareness of your initiatives and reach your target audience.

Over the years I’ve worked with a wide range of organisations and individuals. Some had decent budgets, others very little, which meant at times being creative in developing strategies to help clients achieve their PR objectives.

The great thing about living in this age of the internet and social media, is that it’s possible to carry out effective PR campaigns with little or no budget. The only cost is your TIME.

There are many things you can do to promote what you do for little or no cost. These include:

1. Setting up a website – there’s sites that enable you to do so for little or no cost like wix moonfruit wordpress
2. Writing a regular blog about your area of expertise – There’s numerous sites you can access to start a free blog. Click on link for a list of 10 blogging platforms
3. Making a video (on your smart phone or tablet) and uploading on social media platforms
4. Using social media to promote your business/charity/ministry or share a message
5. Networking with others online and/or in the real world
6. Utilising free online tools to create a leaflet/publicity materials Visit canva
7. And if you don’t want to design your own leaflet and use the services of a professional instead try fiver The designers you’ll find on this site really do charge just £5 to do a leaflet design job.

Be mindful that if you don’t know where to start with implementing a PR strategy there are loads of informative blogs, youtube videos, websites and articles that you can access online that provide tips on the steps you can take to promote and raise awareness of what you do.

Our world is now filled with people who’ve generated thriving businesses or charities and built creative careers by taking full advantage of the free PR tools that are available. You can join that list.

Article as originally published by Marcia Dixon
Marcia Dixon is the founder of MD Public Relations.
Clients have included The NHS, Street Pastors, Sony Music, Christian Aid and many more.

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