Premier launches 24/7 new Christian music station – Premier Praise

Easter Sunday saw the launch of Premier Praise the newest member of the Premier family, dubbed ‘the new home of Christian music’. Premier Praise promises a nonstop 24 hours of the biggest artists, your favourite songs and spiritual reflections on DAB and online. The Premier team tell us what it’s all about:

What should I expect to hear on Premier Praise?

Quality popular Christian music, 24 hrs per day is what Premier Praise is all about. Anytime of the day that you might find yourself needing an uplifting and inspirational fix this is the station to listen to. Premier Praise also offers spiritual nourishment through bite-sized bible teaching and prayers.

How did this new Christian channel come about?

This opportunity came about as a result of Premier Christian Radio’s negotiations to retain its national licence last year. The transmission provider included the provision of a second Christian channel at no additional cost. Effectively giving us two channels for the price of one!

What does Premier Praise seek to achieve?

This station’s mission is to deliver uplifting Christian music to the Christians community whilst being accessible to those one the fringes of faith. We hope that the warmth and understanding which is at the heart of Premier Praise will mean more people come closer to God.

How can I listen to Premier Praise?

Premier Praise will broadcast to most of the UK and you will be able to tune in through DAB, online at and through the Premier app (available for ios and android). To find out if Premier Praise is available on DAB in your area you can visit this postcode checker.

What will the new channel offer that Premier Christian Radio & Premier Gospel do not offer already?

This is a new channel, aimed at a new audience. Primarily music based, with some Bible readings, testimonies, and worship which we hope will engage those who are open to hearing the Christian message.

So don’t miss this fresh opportunity to be inspired in your faith and light up your life! Tune in today – Website

You can also get connected with Premier Praise on Facebook & Twitter