Powerful new poem by spoken word artist Timothy – Of All Questions

Of All Questions is the powerful and impassioned new poem by spoken word artist Timothy, one of a growing group of amazing talent linked to independent record label Orphan No More based out of Bath, UK. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch 21 year old Timothy’s journey since we first came across him one year ago with his then debut ‘The Lie’.

Timothy had this to say about his most recent release, “This poem is an honest expression of what I feel is the heart of God. We have painted pictures for centuries of a God who is ultimately angry and disappointed, but the more I come to know him, the more I find this is untrue.”

He added, “His deepest desire for us is that we would be birthed into an awareness of his constant pursuit, fuelled not with condemnation but love.”

Not only are we excited for Timothy‘s future but we are also inspired by Orphan No More‘s vision and consistency in following their mandate “to create and release art that communicates hope, wrestles with issues facing our culture and inspire the dreamer in each of us.” Their creative energy and focus is very evident in the work of founder Joshua Luke Smith and our recent favourite We Are Emily.

Their output goes to show that collectives can facilitate, nurture and improve individual artistry even when one is as obviously talented beyond their years as Timothy is.

We look forward to hearing much more from this talented family of artists.

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O’Neil Dennis