Paula Melissa to host masterclass ‘Speak Even If Your Voice Is Shaky’

On Saturday 10th December, Paula Melissa will be hosting a public speaking workshop titled: Speak Even If Your Voice Is Shaky in London. Paula Melissa is a host, presenter and speaker, specialising in podcast and live event hosting. She has a background in Journalism and video presenting and currently works in social media management and content creation.

This is an interactive workshop teaching attendees how to speak confidently and clearly in public and how to better communicate information. Being a good communicator is a valuable life skill no matter what area of work or industry you are a part of. This workshop will be practical and will explore ways to demonstrate confidence when speaking in front of people; convey information and communicate like an expert; establish yourself as a host, presenter or public speaker, and develop your speaking style.

Paula Melissa is a passionate speaker and event and podcast host. She works as a social media and community manager at a digital broadcaster and is passionate about all things people and digital storytelling. Paula is the host of Gospel Hydration’s Refresh Nights, a monthly live acoustic music event.
She runs the SheHH Podcast, where she and her team interview women in Christian music globally. She co-hosts Hermosas Chicas Negras, a podcast about self-teaching the Spanish language in community. Paula is a sister, friend, daughter, partner, mentor and mentee. She enjoys catching up with her family and friends over good food, traveling and reading.

The venue is the historic Old Diorama Arts Centre, which has been the epicentre of creative arts
in London since the 1970s. Get your tickets here!