Passionate Worship Director Jonny Patton releases his latest EP!

jonny patton main

‘Morning Star’ EP is the title of Jonny Patton’s latest offering and the 5 track EP is nothing short of incredible.

When you think of contemporary worship music, the likes of Hillsong, LIFE Worship or Bethel may be the first to come to mind; but make way for Jonny Patton, whose latest body of work is easily on par with what you may be used to hearing from such artists.

The EP starts off with an atmospheric introduction as the title track builds and builds. Soon after, the piano is accompanied by an electric guitar as song leads towards the moment when the synth and drums join in an impressive arrangement. The EP sustains such composure throughout, and the second track – ‘Saviour of my Soul’ perfectly demonstrates this.

In the making of his latest project, Patton recruited the help of producer Henry Marsden, who has worked with Martin Smith, Jake Isaac as well as Worship Central. This collaboration has certainly worked out as the finished project suggests, and may also explain why the EP seemingly has hints of sonic influence from Worship Central.

Over all, the EP is definitely something you will want to pick up, especially if you need some quality worship music to freshen up your library!

You can buy the EP on iTunes HERE and watch the lyric video for ‘Light Streams’ below!

Josh de Thierry