Passion 4 Christ Movement – MissTerious Janette…itz & Jackie Hill


We love these two artists so much and just couldn’t decide which one to show first. So seeing that both videos were released months ago we decided to put them both in. To us they represent a fresh/refreshed presentation that will encourage other talented poets to continue evangelizing.

There is something very powerful about spoken word when delivered properly. Both these ladies are perfect examples of a new and effective ministry that will undoubtedly develop and grow, in a generation of smart and well studied Bible intellectuals with relevant life experiences to draw on. Passion 4 Christ Movement or P4CM, hosts Rhetoric, the largest Christian Poetry event and which has featured both artists.

P4CM Poet Jackie Hill delivers her poem “Jig-A-Boo” in front of a large audience while Janette..ikz spits her spoken word piece “Hypochristian” at the Reachlife Institute.

Check the talent out and to borrow some words from Janette, “it’s not just artistry, it’s ministry”.