Owanari Briggs delivers in spoken word piece ‘Good Grief’

Owanari Briggs is a spoken word artist/MC from North London. In his latest piece ‘Good Grief’ he and tackles a difficult subject matter from the get-go. He takes us on a journey with intelligently crafted poetry that establishes the oxymoron into a then meaningful and familiar reality that is – ‘good + grief’.

Owanari told us, ‘Good Grief’ was written during a time I was experiencing a lot of grief and confusion in my life. Certain things were happening and I just looked at God like ‘why am I going through this.’ However, through this I learnt to trust in God’s plan.”

He continued, “I want the listener to know that what ever God puts us through it is good, no matter how bad we feel. He causes all things to work together for our good.”

“Be encouraged because Christ took the ultimate pain and grief for us… Let that comfort you.”

‘Good Grief’ was submitted to the May 2016 listing of the UK Christian Chart, which continues to highlight and showcase creative gifts from across the UK and beyond.

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O’Neil Dennis