Out of the Ashes are back with something a bit different ‘Who Can I Send’

Out of the Ashes new single ‘Who Can I Send?’ is an unmistakable challenge to all of us to look again at the suffering around the world as well as closer to home, and to answer God’s question “What are you doing about it?” or, to put it another way: “Who can I send if not you?”

Speaking about the track and its accompanying video, Penny Lyon, lyricist and lead singer, said “It was one of those songs that wrote itself – the lyrics just came; however, the video was a different matter; Kevin (Washburn, co-writer and in this particular case, video producer) spent months searching for appropriate images to use and editing them in; but what was exhausting for him was not the difficulty in finding images and seeking permission to use them, it was how horrendously many there are and how harrowing they were to look at – he would get really distressed. We ended up with a result that we know is deeply disturbing; but we also realised that that’s no reason not to look at it – it’s a reason for each one of us to start getting involved and doing something about human suffering as God’s hands and feet”.

As always, unafraid to turn their talents to something new, Out of the Ashes have put across their message with passion, intricate production and quality instrumentation.

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