Norfolk singer-songwriter releases single created after death of twin brother

After losing his twin brother and long term collaborator to cancer in 2016, Norfolk-born Ben Lawrence began to do the only thing he could, create music. Seven years later, he is releasing his debut album of indie folk songs, exploring themes of grief, loss and hope. His debut single ‘O Wide World’ is available to stream and download now.

Ben’s story reads like a heart wrenching coming of age film. Having spent his formative years discovering creativity with his brother Dan, playing in bands and crafting home movies Ben’s intentions to delve deeper into thought provoking art continued into his early twenties. The brother’s act one origin story had surely set them up for decades of creative endeavours, but nothing could have prepared them for the story that would unfold.

After experiencing several seizures in 2014, Dan was diagnosed with a stage four brain tumour. He would go on to receive treatment and during the final year of his life, write and direct a feature length film. Dan’s passing in late 2016 spun Ben’s life on to a new, unexpected course. While recovering from the trauma of his brother’s death, Ben began to write his experiences into song.

This time of personal creative healing bore a plethora of songs for Ben, allowing him to explore the depths of grief and the heights of hope. As his life started to pick up a new normal without Dan, the songs lay dormant until in 2020 during the Covid pandemic, Ben’s introspection became a source of connection. Out of this came the title track to his debut album, ‘O Wide World’, a song about refinding adventure in the wake of loss. Recorded at GloWorm studios in Glasgow with producer Iain Hutchison, ‘O Wide World’ is a 60’s two step garnished in indie pop. It will be accompanied by a comedic heartfelt music video and six further singles, leading to the release of the album.

Ben said: “This project is the best thing I have ever done, and though borne out of a time of great sadness, I hope it connects with those who are looking for some hope.”

Ben’s sound intricately weaves together 60’s folk and americana, surf rock, pop and indie, to produce a truly unique experience of modern nostalgia. A deja-vu in music. It’s big, bold and deeply introspective, an invitation to find your adventure again.

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