Nigeria and Sweden join new “Where In The World?” live interview series

Where In The World? is a brand new live interview series from A Step FWD which aims to connect with individuals around the globe ‘bringing the world a little closer home’. The conversations explore the culture around each guest, talking food, signature sights, practices and of course faith dynamics.

Last week, WITW host Carla Adebekun was indeed bombarded with inspiring words and amusing traditions from 2 amazing artists. In on the conversation was LIN D from Sweden, who have been working together, creating music since they were young. Having grown up in a musical family, the three siblings are now focused on creating their own unique sound to help spread the message of Jesus far and wide.

Despite facing challenges in a culture hardly known for praising God, LIN D advises young people and other artists to never let the fear of other people stop you; and to remember that even if everything around you seems to be changing, God remains the same.

LIN D are currently working on a summer tour and teased us to expect new singles soon.

Representing Nigeria, WITW also had Step FWD Awards 2021 Song of the Year winner Marizu, whose first inspiration to create music came from his father. It was interesting to hear that when he speaks to others about using his craft for Jesus, he’s met with resistance and unsettledness.

In spite of this, Marizu continues to keep his faith grounded by making sure he surrounds himself with like-minded people and he encouraged us to do the same. We must be intentional when reading the Word and when using our skills for God so that our message isn’t polluted.

Marizu is currently working on his debut album, and we can’t wait to hear it.

From Sweden’s Taco Fridays to Justin Bieber at a dinner party, this interview is hilarious, insightful and not to be missed! Click below to watch this episode of Where In The World?