Ni-Cola is still ‘Living My Best Life’ with her brand new single after 2-year hiatus

A lot of people spend money they don’t have, drive cars that they can’t afford all in an effort to “keep up with the Joneses and a lifestyle that appears successful on the outside but is often empty and unfulfilling. Ni-Cola‘s brand new single ‘Living My Best Life’ focuses not on what you have in your bank account, but WHO you have; and that to truly live out your Best Life on earth is to not worry about tomorrow, Matthew 6 vs 25, but to truly put our faith and trust in Christ. To live your best life with the blessings that Jesus has given to us and sharing that with others is to live a truly blessed and abundant life says the award-winning singer.

The Manchester singer/songwriter took an almost 2-year hiatus due to ill health but is now using the most testing season to spread a message of hope and transformation with her latest offering. She was involved in a serious car accident that left her in a wheelchair for almost a year. She says, “During that tough season, many songs were written and there was a lot of time to reflect and focus on my personal relationship with God. On my bad days, which there were many, He was literally the one to pull me through.”

Now the singer is back with a new focus and is ready to share her testimony of God’s grace and healing power. The song was produced by super producer Ian Copeland Green which is the second time these two have collaborated on a project together and delivers a fresh sound of British Gospel.

This will definitely be a song not just for the church, but the club, and the many missed celebrations coming out of lockdown, a party anthem of the celebration of new life.

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