Newday brings worship to life with 360 VR live of Sam & Becki Cox’s ‘I Believe’

UK youth festival Newday, have filmed their new music video exclusively in 360 degrees, created specially for the new VR features that YouTube and Facebook have slowly been introducing over the previous months. Featuring the worship leaders Sam & Becki Cox, the band perform in the round, making the viewer an active participant in the experience.

Currently the video must be watched either via Facebook, on YouTube’s dedicated app or on Google Chrome (on Desktop) to experience the full 360 effect.

Attended by over 7,000 young people each year, a fresh heart for worship has been emerging from the UK festival, and has seen its influence extend far beyond the UK. Connecting with a new generation of worshippers, this video is set to bring a fresh experience to recorded worship sessions, making the audience just as much a part of the video as the band.

“We wanted to shoot something that wasn’t going to be about creating a cinematic feel. Because 4k digital film cameras are so cheap these days there is a huge trend at the moment in film making to create an illusion of high production value and making everything look like it belongs on a cinema screen. The aim of this film was to use 360 video to give a behind the scenes feel and allow the viewer to choose what was interesting to them in the film.” – David Sorley, Creative Director.

This video comes just weeks after Newday released a collaborative remix record, having worked with a host of international Christian producers and musicians to create an eclectic, exciting project that brings worship into a mixture of different genres.

The record – Alive With Worship (The Remixes) is available on all digital platforms for purchase and streaming.

For more information on Newday visit their website