New ventures for Christian Music Blog “Gospel Hydration”

Since 2016, Gospel Hydration has featured Christian music from Lofi, Afrobeats, Rap, and many more. Over the years the music blog has grown in popularity with artists from all over the world being spotlighted on their social media and YouTube channel.

Founder Derrick Tchie, also known as artist and producer Just Derrick, has since expanded his team and outreached to the USA where they have begun hosting the live music event, Refresh Nights.

Recently, Gospel Hydration took to Instagram with a post saying, ‘What does the future of Gospel Hydration look like?’ They outlined their mission statement and quoted the verse John 7:37, which is their ethos.

Furthermore, they recounted their accomplishments and emphasized the vision for the future stating:

Going forward our primary role will be to operate as a Christian label ‘Hydration Records.’

‘The existing blog will continue to run under a new name of ‘Gospel Hydration Legacy.’

Gospel Hydration rebranded across its social media platforms to reflect these new changes.

Hydration Records was launched in 2019 and currently boasts the likes of Just Derrick, Gospel Hydration Collective, DJ Shunz, and Zach G Wilson on their artist roster.

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