New TKE3 X NOS track ‘CHOJI’ for manga and anime fans

The newest release by Nos, featuring TKE3 is a little something for our manga and anime fans who are about that Kingdom expansion. A collaboration that gives an ode to Naruto anime, titled after the Akimich clan member Chōji. Produced with an exquisite beat by LAW1, the track is available on all streaming platforms amidst notable collaborations by TKE3 and Nos.

How did Chōji inspire the song?

Well it’s simple, the way the boys are expanding the Kingdom of God, you’d think they were Chōji…
The objective is clear, we’re at war and Christ is our logo; there’s power inside you, don’t take it lightly. Anything that’s to be done at this moment, is to expand the Kingdom of God with speed by preaching the Gospel. Gotta know who you are and know your abilities. Chōji is known to expand his body in the face of opponents, when the boys get together, they’re expanding the Body of Christ. Not your regular, degular guys.

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