The new single ‘Elegy’ from Michael Personne lands this 15th January

Michael Personne announces his first release under his new artist name. The single entitled ‘Elegy’, will feature on his upcoming project and explores the issues of depression, addiction and misplaced identity, often experienced by those within the public spotlight. A music video will be released alongside the track.

Formerly going by the name Entitled, Michael Personne is a Hip Hop artist from Birmingham, UK. His music combines clever lyricism and captivating content over beats comprising of 90’s Hip Hop, Jazz & RnB elements to create a distinct sound.

With musical influences including Timothy Brindle, J Givens, Franklyn & Stephen the Levite, Michael Personne explores topics such as the human condition, socio-political issues and his everyday experiences as a Christian, presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only solution for the plight of sin. His music is poetic in nature through its use of monologues, allegories and fictional stories which he uses throughout his art with the ultimate aim of glorifying God.

His transition from ‘Entitled’ to Michael Personne indicates his development both as an individual and as an artist, this growth being reflected in the music he will release over the coming weeks and months starting with ‘Elegy’ this 15th January. In the meantime, connect with Michael on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram