New single ‘Crashing Waves’ by Nitro X feat. vocalists Zane Walls & Kaelyn Reese

Nitro X, the Christian pop artist known for his uplifting music, has released his latest single, Crashing Waves featuring vocalists Zane Walls and Kaelyn Reese. The song delivers a powerful message of faith and resilience, drawing inspiration from the biblical story of Peter walking on water towards Jesus.

Zane Walls, based in Austin, Texas, has been making waves with his recent collaboration with Xander Sallows on ‘Blue Skies’. His music, centred around his faith journey, is gaining recognition for its authenticity and depth. Kaelyn Reese, a talented vocalist and songwriter, brings her emotive performances and heartfelt lyrics to ‘Crashing Waves’, adding a compelling dimension to the track’s message.

‘Crashing Waves’ is a dynamic blend of pop melodies and EDM beats, with lyrics that resonate with listeners seeking hope and strength. The chorus, “Hold my hand up, I know that you’re pulling me close, Hold my head up, you’re never leaving, never let go, You said don’t be afraid, Just need a little faith,” encapsulates the theme of trusting in God’s guidance and overcoming fear through faith, keeping our eyes upon him.

The single is now available on all major streaming platforms | Connect with Nitro X for more about his music.