New production company Cities On Hills debut “ALPHA” micro-film series

Emerging production company, Cities On Hills, launch their first film project, the “ALPHA” series. “ALPHA presents a triple-bill of moving micro-short monologue films, inspired by real life stories that reveal the challenges that stop people from believing in God. The series explores deep personal grievances such as poverty, anxiety, and grief in three stories that bring light to the external hardships of humanity versus the inner conflict of the soul. The cast of the dynamic series comprises rising stars Jonny Khan (The Tempest 2022), Modupe Salu (Motswaka 2019) and award-nominated actor Michael Bunga (Run 2021). The full series is now available online on YouTube and has gained strong viewership. With the hope to connect with unbelievers all around the world, Cities On Hills created “ALPHA” to extend a hand of empathy, compassion and friendship to the unbelieving as well as other interfaith groups in dealing with some of life’s most complex uncertainties and challenges.

The Alpha Series, funded by Queens Theatre Hornchurch, and filmed by Daughter House Productions, is a monologue film series that encounters three individuals who struggle to believe in God for varying reasons. Conceptualised shortly after the global COVID 19 pandemic, the faith led collective of storytellers were inspired to create stories that explore some of the inner-questions and turmoils the lockdown invited, and in some cases, forced people to confront. Creative Director of Cities On Hills, Esther-Rennae shared “Life might be somewhat ‘normal’ again but if we were to be still enough to listen to the quiet groanings of our soul amidst the hustle and bustle, we would discern that some of the big philosophical questions about life and its whys that exist within us, still remain unsatisfied. The biggest question that 2020 forced all of us to confront is the meaning of life. An Office for National Statistics survey also reported that happiness was at its lowest level due to a growing dissatisfaction with life, and as a company, this brewing discontentment led us to encounter an equally big question – why can’t people find purpose and meaning in their creator… why don’t people believe in God?”

A few months later COH hosted a spring workshop (2022) that saw the gathering of 10 participants of different religious backgrounds to discuss why people don’t believe in God. The discussions and findings from the workshop was the baseline for the three moving narratives that comprise ALPHA. Each film was written by a member of the emerging production company; writer and creative producer, Esther-Rennae Walker, spoken-word minister and author, Chioma Ikpa and content creator, Destiny Osunde. Whilst each film has its distinctions, they all ask the same question, what is the true meaning of life? The premiere of ALPHA was hosted in the heart of East London, Hackney, sold out with almost 100 people gathered at East Village to watch and discuss the emotionally charged, and beautifully shot monologue films.

The full series is available to watch on Cities on Hills YouTube channel.