New Lucy Grimble single embodies theme of upcoming album

In 2020, amid an intense period of writer’s block resulting from the trauma of the pandemic, internal struggles within, and daunting mental health challenges, Lucy Grimble found that any attempts to write felt insignificant and even pointless. ‘Ready for the Dawn’ was the song that broke this silence and numbness, and in fact kickstarted the writing process for her forthcoming album. ‘Ready for the Dawn’ embodies the theme of interplay between dark and light, shadow and sun, which runs through the album, as she explains: “During those bleak times, sometimes the sunrise was enough to remind me that things do change.”

Ready for the Dawn allowed her to be honest, weaving a melody of rediscovered hope through an equally beautiful piano line. The new single speaks to people in the depths of mental health challenge, pointing to the promises of God. This song builds from the bottom as the listener comes alongside Lucy on her journey from the bleak depths of uncertainty towards the glimmers of light found in the morning.

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