New Guinness World Record set at LCGC 30 Anniversary Festival!


London Community Gospel Choir’s 30th anniversary was a blast! It was such an enjoyable, joyful evening – the choirs, the band, the people, the atmosphere it was electrifying – The sounds of Gospel truly lifted the soul last Sunday in Southbank! (Step FWD are so happy to have been informed that there will be more of such events each year)

This occasion was special. For LCGC it was a time to reflect back to 1982 when Rev. Bazil Meade, with the help of others made a mark in history by pioneering the first concert Gospel choir in Britain. The choir, then 30 strong, was dynamic, exquisite, energetic and filled with rich vocals. Gospel styles ranged from soul, swing-beat, R&B and a good touch of funk flair. They were new, original, authentic and they still carry it on in this day and age, because I have to say the event was one of a kind.

Without a doubt God had a plan for them, being one of the first Choirs to hold the London name and going on to inspire and influence other choirs or solo artists. This was evident as over Sunday over 30 choirs turned up to support them with their 3 day festival. There were workshops and also the world record attempt. This was amazing! The record was first set at 1,138 choir members and this time London was going for the title. It was intense! Early on you could see the ‘Guinness World Record’ personnel counting the number of members and 5mins before hand Rev. Bazil called on everyone upstairs, downstairs, on the sidelines, staff, EVERYBODY to fill the choir space. Excitement pouring and adrenaline rushing, within seconds an accumulation of voices thundered from the stage as the crowd all sang the chosen song Oh Happy Days with much enthusiasm.

Everyone gave their all. I couldn’t sing but I sure embraced my bathroom talent on this occasion. People were filled with the spirit, dancing, jumping with a sense of fulfillment and when it was announced that we beat the record at 1,169 screams and cheers were given in immense gratification.

It was truly a pleasure to have been a part of such a world class event and I was glad to have enjoyed it with Croydon College’s choir Mixed Melodies (watch out for them). We were filled with such excitement we couldn’t contain ourselves on our way home, singing on the road, in the station and on the train. The event seriously moved us and we thank God for using Rev. Bazil with the help of Lawrence Johnson, Delroy Powell and John Francis, as key members in the formation of this choir.

London Community Gospel Choir, we are looking FWD to more events like this! Check out the video below, published by Gwen Daniels.

Michael O

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