New gospel rap talent Si Knightly releases third single ‘None Like Him’

Following the release of his successful double A-side debut singles – ‘Calvary Hill’ and ‘The Third Day‘, the latter of which made No 8 in the monthly UK Christian Chart for May 2020 – Si Knightly is back with his third single from his forthcoming debut EP.

Described as being in the vein of Shai Linne by UK urban music pioneer Efrem Buckle, and recognised for his “powerful gift of gospel storytelling” by author and theologian Andrew Wilson, new rap artist Si Knightly showcases his versatility in this exciting new track, ‘None Like Him‘.

Joined by upcoming UK rapper Dayper (also pictured above), Si Knightly uses creative multi-syllable rhyme schemes to celebrate the wonder of the all-powerful, uncreated God.

None Like Him‘ draws the listener into a compelling proclamation of the matchless power of the triune God. Using rhythmic flows, Si Knightly harnesses playful metaphors and clever punchlines to marvel at the uniqueness of Christ and of his mind-blowing choice to lay down his divine glory and die for those he created. Set to a 134 BPM with a catchy refrain that will stick in listeners’ minds and have them moving to the rhythm, None Like Him reflects a combination of Si Knightly’s key urban sound influences: UK hip hop, garage and grime.

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